We are experts with years of experience delivering digital solutions for clients (websites, e-learning, mobile apps, databases, web applications, digital publishing…) combined with expertise in content writing, editing, researching, SEO make us your complete digital and content provider.

We use project management techniques to successfully handle and deliver solutions.

Also, we are familiar with a wide range of publishing e-learning tools including Moodle, Blackboard, MindFlash and any WordPress e-learning plugin including LearnDash. We use a variety of authoring tools including so-called rapid ones, depending on what you would like. Furthermore, we are expert users of PowerPoint and creative software.

  • Needs analysis + Online course platform research and report OR
  • Course syllabus/outline

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please submit all the details required in order to complete the work effectively. For example, details such as documents, images logos, website samples, etc.